Welford Sports Club

Registered Charity No: 1123230

The New Facility

The proposed new location is “Above the 100 year flood plain” which means that charitable donations/grants for the facility, will be available to apply for. It is central to the village, making it easier to walk to by the very young and very old, i.e. without the use of cars, improving the village’s carbon footpint. It is adjacent to the Bowls Club, providing options for access to the Bowls Club bar, function room and kitchen. It is adjacent to the School, enabling optimum use of all facilities by the village children as further detailed below.

It will offer an Enhancement of School facilities including changing rooms (the school does not currently have such facilities), extended “green field” sports facilities and facilities for extra curricula activities.

A new Pavilion/Changing Facility is proposed, which would briefly incorporate two 14 person changing rooms, Male and Female Toilets, Male and Female Shower Rooms, Viewing Room for teas etc, Kitchen, Storage room for: kits, balls, bats, nets etc.

Parking and Vehicular Access
The proposal offers the opportunity to improve vehicular access and parking in the vicinity of the school. The proposal provides for approximately 50 car parking spaces.

In addition to the above, overspill car parking will be permitted on the proposed new field. This supplementary parking is intended to accommodate the extra cars that arrive on a few special dates during the school calendar, such as the school sports day and the school invitation football tournament.