Welford Sports Club

Registered Charity No: 1123230

Existing Facilities

The existing Pavilion is inadequate, is in a poor state of general repair and is now incurring excessive repair costs to maintain it in a basic usable condition. 

After the flooding it was considered to be a health hazard, which, necessitated extensive and costly cleaning.

Football match referees have officially reported the changing facilities, as being unacceptable.


Flood Plain location means that charitable donations/grants for pavilion rebuild will not be available, or they will be very difficult to obtain. The location is not convenient for access, for school use, or by the younger village children, too remote for safety.

Field Status
Major flooding has resulted in shortened playing seasons, additionally the Cricket pitch was unavailable for approximately 3 months following the last major flood in 2007.

The water table at Synder Meadow has now risen, resulting in small quantities of rain making the pitches unplayable. Field drainage is required, but this is not possible due to the current heightened water table, ground type and proximity of the river.