Welford Sports Club

Registered Charity No: 1123230

The Proposed New Facility

Download the latest new sports club proposal doucment

Why do we need it?
  • Because the existing sports facilities for school children and villagers are inadequate or at risk of flooding
  • Because existing sports clubs may be barred from competition due to inadequate changing rooms and waterlogged pitches
  • Because health and safety standards are going to become a challenge for the existing pavilion
  • Because the ration of outside play/sports space for children at Welford School is at the lower limit of acceptability with regard to relevant legislation.
  • To increase sport and recreational activity within the village by adding new sports and activities
  • To meet villagers’ recreational needs as identified in the Parish Plan
  • To provide a safer collection and drop off point for coaches and buses near School
  • To improve parking and traffic congestion near the School during special event days and outside school hours

What do we want to create?
  • A modern, well-equipped sports facility which can be used sustainably by the school and the wider community 
  • A reliable sports facility away from flood risk 
  • A decent pavilion where proper hospitality can be offered to visiting teams
  • The opportunity for children to develop their sports skills on suitable surfaces
  • Closer links between school and local sports clubs to enhance school sports provision
  • Proper changing rooms for the use of school children and staff
  • Proper changing facilities for visiting umpires and referees
  • A well designed pavilion that enhances the village scenery
  • A sports facility that provides a social focus for village residents
  • A centrally located facility within walking or cycling distance of most villagers to reduce the need for cars 
  • Easy access to river footpath and Cress Hill