Welford Sports Club

Registered Charity No: 1123230


Welford Sports Club is a Registered Charity 1123230.

The Sports Facility Development Committee is a Sub Committee of the Welford Sports Club. It is composed primarily of members who are Trustees of Welford Sports Club or are leading members of the user Clubs (currently Football and Cricket) together with villagers who contribute particular skills or experience. It will also include other stakeholders, who will be co-opted. Its aims are to manage this major Project to develop a new Sports Facility in Welford-on-Avon. It is supported financially by Welford Sports Club. 

The Football Club and Cricket Club are users of the Sports facilities and have their own autonomy, including financial independence. We anticipate that any other user clubs which might be formed in the future would have similar autonomy and financial independence. 

The user clubs pay an annual fee to the Welford Sports Club for use of the Sports Facilities at Synder Meadow. 

In return, they have use of the Synder Meadow Sports Field for regular sporting activities. They must each appoint a Ground Coordinator to ensure that the Pavilion and Ground are kept in good order. They are responsible for their use of the Pavilion, for their own equipment, and for the maintenance of their playing areas. They attend the Welford Sports Club Management Meetings on a regular basis, to ensure good management of the facilities.

Looking to the future, we anticipate that there could be other user clubs formed. The governance of Welford Sports Club may then require a wider mix of Trustees.